Doom and Gloom at In Bloom

A review of the hearth-centric restaurant In Bloom at the Keg & Case Market in Saint Paul, to the tune of “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music.

This is not the olive plate at In Bloom, no—this is just a tribute.
This is not the olive plate at In Bloom, no—this is just a tribute.
This is not the olive plate at In Bloom, no—this is just a tribute.
Photo: Joe Rosenthal
By Joe Rosenthal

Note: As of July 2020, In Bloom has closed.

Pitted green olives And figs that were cloying Almonds and grapes which weren’t as annoying Twelve dollar plate of “roasted things” Without the pits that price really stings Unsalted barigoule will make you crestfallen Sunchokes and artichokes And cattails with pollen Seventeen dollars for the blandest thing Most weren’t in season, not until spring Rough chopped trimmings with sinew in spades Not cut precisely, as expected, with blades The tartare was scraps from a farm-raised deer Much better chopped well with meat from a steer A prawn on a plate, twenty one dollar price With burnt shellfish butter, wouldn’t order it twice Grainy potatoes mashed, served on the side The margin for this dish must be incredibly wide When the check comes When the food’s lame When you’re feeling sad You simply remember the hearth and its flame And then you don’t feel so bad.

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