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Richard Eaglespoon releases the 2021 Gift Guide

Richard Eaglespoon has published Joe Rosenthal's 2021 Gift Guide to help readers purchase gifts for themselves and possibly others

Today, Richard Eaglespoon has published “The 2021 Gift Guide,” one of the most comprehensive gift guides in the United States in response to requests made to author Joe Rosenthal for guidance in purchasing gifts.

Beyond his work as a food antagonist, Rosenthal has introduced paradigm shifting home recipes for professional-quality burgers, hoagie rolls, steaks, and New York-style pizza. Hardened through five years marooned in the culinary desert of Pittsburgh, PA, Rosenthal has explored the depths of home cooking, trying everything from the world’s greatest mail-order steaks to the best equipment on which you can cook them.

Rosenthal developed an endless well of knowledge on products across many spaces, and that has culminated in the release of “The 2021 Gift Guide,” a source of gifts for the following occasions: anniversary, birthday, bris, B* Mitzvah, wedding.

Some of the highlights of the guide include:

  • Seven charitable causes
  • Over 10 smooth mustard varieties.
  • Extraordinary breadth and depth of cured meat products from corned beef tongue to mortadella. Plus! The world’s greatest pepperoni.
  • A shaver guaranteed to have that gentle touch for trimming the coarsest hair
  • Rare art
  • The rowing machine they don’t want you to know about
  • Fragrances
  • Tools for around the house
  • Mail-order crab cakes!

Additionally, the guide offers a selection of gifts designed to confuse and imperil the recipient: the Rift Ride™ proposes solutions for dealing with anti-vaxxer relatives, Facebook executives, and more.


Joe Rosenthal is a mathematician who focused his PhD on building mathematical models related to Alzheimer’s Disease. He currently works on developing artificial intelligence systems for improving cancer diagnostics, and he lives in the Twin Cities with his spouse, Abby, a computer science professor.

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