Barstool Sports is a cesspool of misogyny and bigotry by Alicia Sadowski, Media Matters for America
Summary: Compiled many examples of broadly harmful behavior from Dave Portnoy and Barstool Sports, as of August 18th, 2021. The article covers the following categories: Sexualizing minors and whitewashing nonconsensual explicit content, Perpetuating and encouraging sexism and misogyny, Perpetuating and encouraging racism, Perpetuating and encouraging anti-LGBTQ attitudes, Spreading coronavirus misinformation, Encouraging violence and harassment, and Promoting right-wing grievances and conspiracy theories..

‘I was literally screaming in pain’: Young women say they met Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy for sex and it turned violent and humiliating by Julia Black, Business Insider
Two days later, Madison texted a close friend. “It was so rough I felt like I was being raped he video taped me and spit in my mouth and choked me so hard I couldn’t breathe,” she wrote in messages viewed by Insider. “And it hurt and I was literally screaming in pain.”

She recalled crying and shouting, “Too much! Too much!” and “It hurts!”

“It was so painful,” Madison said. “I kept trying to get away and he was like, ‘Stop running away from me. Stop running away from me.’

But Portnoy, she said, “just went harder.”

Editor's note on Insider's Dave Portnoy articles by Nicholas Carlson, Business Insider
On Wednesday, Insider published a second article in which three additional women said Portnoy filmed them during sex without asking first. One of the women said Portnoy broke one of her ribs during an encounter. Through an attorney and on social media, Portnoy acknowledged the rib injury but said the encounters were consensual, and he denied filming anyone without consent. His attorney wrote a letter to one of the women demanding that she retract her story or face legal consequences.

She decided to move forward with telling her experience.

“I know what happened to me, and I know what I experienced,” she told Insider. “I know what I went through, and I remember everything in those encounters so vividly, and I'm just very determined to speak up and share my story and hopefully encourage other women to feel confident to speak up.”

Judge dismisses Dave Portnoy’s defamation suit against Insider by Sarah Ellison and Jeremy Barr, Washington Post
Saylor pointed out that Insider’s reporting “corroborated the women’s accounts with photographs, text and social media messages, videos, medical reports, police documents, an Uber receipt, and statements from at least three friends who saw or spoke with the women soon after their interactions with plaintiff.”

Another Day. Another Dollar. Another Hit Piece by Dave Portnoy, Barstool Sports via Archive.org, archived on Sep. 19, 2023
Summary: Dave Portnoy is inciting an abusive brigade against the author of an NJ.com opinion piece, “Why are N.J. pizzerias supporting misogynist bully Dave Portnoy?” The opinion piece focused on about Portnoy’s history of misogyny in the context of his One Bite Pizza Festival. Additionally, Portnoy threatened the participants of the festival to not withdraw.

Now old Dave would have gone ballistic on this guy and wished horrible things upon him. I would have told him that he probably should have gone private on Instagram before starting a war with somebody he's never met over something that literally has nothing to do with him. That I don't want to hear him cry about how the Stoolie bullied him after he threw the first punch and that he deserves everything he's about to get. ...

Let's give this guy the benefit of the doubt and say that everything he said about me is true. This guy wants pizzerias to back out on their commitment to do this event days before it's going to happen. After we've literally spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on ovens, the venue, production etc. After we've advertised the fuck out of it? Then what does he expect to happen if pizza places drop out? I’ll just happily let them go on their way? Now don't get me wrong I'm not worried about any places dropping because I have close relationships with almost all of them and they love me. But imagine if I didn’t?

Meet the Pizza Chef Whose Dave Portnoy Fight Landed on ‘Tucker Carlson’ by EJ Dickson, Rolling Stone
Redd says, he and his team faced an onslaught of harassment from Barstool fans, calling it “absolute hell.” Dragon Pizza’s entry on Yelp has been spammed with one-star reviews from ardent Barstool Sports fans, and the pizza shop’s Instagram had to limit comments due to the harassment they were receiving. “There have been numerous attacks on our business, our family, our cell phones, addresses,” says Redd, who says he has received death threats. “It’s been incredibly disruptive to our mental health and to our personal security.” He says the harassment has been such a distraction that he had to miss his twins’ birthday celebrations as a result of having to deal with it.

Barstool. Hates. Women. By Lindsay Gibbs, ThinkProgress

11 Year Old Nancy Boy Cries Like A Baby When 2 Girls Try To Have Threesome With Him by Dave Portnoy, Barstool Sports via Archive.org
Once they stripped you naked you got to get up and start wrestling with these chicks until your cock is one of their mouths and your fingers are in the other chicks assholes or something.

Man Gropes Sleeping Passenger...Demands Sex...Karate Chops Air Marshal by Dave Portnoy, Barstool Sports via Archive.org
I mean I’m sure for the first 3 or 4 hours this guy was able to fight back his natural instinct of needing sex. But that chick in front of you keeps sleeping like a little slut begging to get fucked and at some point Social Darwinism wins. It always does.

Kicking out the Barstool by Julie DiCaro, Sidelined: Sports Culture, and Being a Woman in America
In a 2011 Portnoy post titled ‘Kobe Better Not Have Raped Alex Morgan,’ Portnoy wrote, “Like it’s one thing to stick your dick in random chick’s assholes and then buy them off, but it’s a different game altogether when they are famous.”

Barstool Sports’ racism is finally catching up with it by Dennis Young, New York Daily News

Malden Teacher Suspended For Doing Gay Porn by Dave Portnoy, Barstool Sports via Archive.org
Anyway if I was a parent the only reason this would bother me is because this bro was doing gay porn. Like if he was banging chicks I'd have no problem with it and be ranting and raving about the Pussification of America. But the fact he was doing dick on dick somehow changes it for me.

Dave Portnoy crosses the kiddie-porn line by Howzard Stern, Howard Stern via Archive.org

Barstool Sports founder forced to delete tweet threatening to fire union supporters ‘on the spot’ by Jon Porter, The Verge
The dispute arose shortly after staff at The Ringer announced their plans to unionize on August 12th. Later that day, Portnoy re-posted a 2015 blog post responding to the news in which he dared the company’s employees to unionize so he could “smash their little union to smithereens.” He followed up on Twitter on August 13th by threatening to fire and sue union supporting employees. In response the IWW Freelance Journalists Union filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board.

Dave Portnoy’s Accused of Sexual Violence Image by Joe Rosenthal, Richard Eaglespoon

Dave Portnoy’s One Bite Pizza Festival Participants and Sponsors: List of partipating pizzerias and sponsors
Angelo’s South Philly • Di Fara • Delorenzo’s • Pepe’s • John’s of Bleecker St • Lucali • Patsy’s • Prince St • Sally’s • Ace’s • Andrew Bellucci’s • Angelo’s Coal Oven Pizzeria • Angeloni’s • Artichoke Basille's • Baby Luc’s • Best Pizza • Borrelli’s • Brook Tap House • Brooklyn Square • Calabria Pizzeria & Restaurant • Colony Grill • Coniglio’s • Defazio’s • Denino’s Greenwich Village • Federici’s • King Umberto • Lazzara’s • Louie & Ernie’s • Luigi’s • Made in New York • Monte’s • Nellie’s Place • Santillo’s • The Little Rendezvous • Umberto’s • Zuppardi’s • Medium Rare • Ferraro Foods • High Noon • Skrewball • ‘47 • C4 Energy • Licor 43 • Zyn Nicotine Pouches • Polar Selzer • Peroni Italia • Coca-Cola • New Amsterdam Vodka • Flatiron Pepper Co • PizzaMaster MPM • Marna Forni • Beast Equipment • Food Network NYC Wine & Food Festival

One Bite Pizza Festival Official Website via Archive.org, archived on Aug. 9, 2023