Gentil Lentils

#39 and #39.5 of Alison Roman's A Newsletter.

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Rodolphe Le Meunier Beurre de Baratte encapsulated by a <q>Big Marty's</q> roll and accompanied by Kosciusko delicatessen mustard.
The 2021 Gift Guide
Less is more.
A cross section of a seeded hoagie roll.
How to Hoagie Roll
And they say that a hoagie can save us—I’m not gonna stand here and wait.
An Open Letter to Scott Wiener of Scott’s Pizza Tours
On enabling problematic figures in food.
A New York-style pizza
How to Pizza
A New York-style pizza recipe with extraneous information
An American wagyu porterhouse steak from Snake River Farms.
How to Steak
It’s a steak recipe.
An artistic rendering of the International Pizza Consultant, Anthony Falco.
E Pluribus Falco
The controversial International Pizza Consultant, Anthony Falco, and his broken relationship with Roberta’s.