A bunch of comments left by what seems to be Anthony Falco

The comments were made during my Instagram Live with Scott Wiener

By Joe Rosenthal

Screenshots of the following can be found in the SPT Live Falco Highlight on @joe_rosenthal_trash, an Instagram account that I made to serve as a repository for content that supports my primary Instagram account. Below are a collection of comments made by @joesephk411 on Instagram during my Instagram Live interview with Scott Wiener:

joesephk411: A “case” 🤦🏻‍♂️

joesephk411: Bilbo Baggins!

joesephk411: I can’t carry the ring, but I can carry you

joesephk411: Anonymous sources are the best

joesephk411: He’s obsauced

joesephk411: Frodo doesn’t like restaurant workers. He thinks they are unclean and poorly behaved

joesephk411: Frodo never worked in a kitchen

londreleats: That’s just guys being guys… ever been to a bar, Joe?

joesephk411: Locker room talk! 😱

joesephk411: Restaurant Workers should behave better I agree. I like the people that serve me food to be well behaved. I like their fingernails to be clean. I like them to smile.

joesephk411: Ugh oh

joesephk411: The case is unraveling

joesephk411: This is a kitchen from 2014?

joesephk411: I think everyone agrees the industry has evolved

joesephk411: There is no path to redemption. He must be cast into the fires of Mordor

joesephk411: “Gaslighting” DRINK

joesephk411: Joe “I’m not a journalist”

joesephk411: “Pronoun” DRINK

joesephk411: Roberta’s is kinda not relevant right? No offense

joesephk411: Who put it on the map? What map?

joesephk411: “Reported on”

joesephk411: “I’m not a journalist”

joesephk411: He can privately though right

joesephk411: He seems to have a lot of happy clients, people in the biz!

joesephk411: Angelo should be the keynote for his work on exposing paulie gees

joesephk411: Adapt to Frodo’s ideas or perish

joesephk411: Italians are people of color?

Big if true

joesephk411: The communist manifesto

joesephk411: Scott it’s called “journalism”

joesephk411: It has ethical standards

joesephk411: Whoa “black listed”?

joesephk411: Struggle Session plz!

joesephk411: He seems to have a bunch of happy clients idk

joesephk411: Cast your ring into the fire

Later in the comments to Scott Wiener’s post with the upload of the IG Live, joesephk411 commented, “Frodo has never worked in the industry. Let me be the first to reform the math world. Math world, stop being boring and lame,” and then later, “@joe_rosenthal, if you can work a single 12 hour shift at a big fancy on the map pizza place like Roberta’s, I’ll eat my hat.