Richard Eaglespoon is an invitation-only culinary experience in the Twin Cities developed by Drs. Joseph Rosenthal and Abigail Marsh. Existing only on the fringe of reality, Richard Eaglespoon presents a bizarre range of comfort foods through the lens of detail-driven nostalgia.

In 2013, Rosenthal and Marsh entered the culinary chasm of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There, they operated Richard Eaglespoon in a limited capacity, and they received commendations for their innovative beef, pizza, and dessert programs. While in Pittsburgh, working with products sourced locally, they garnered a deep respect for proper technique in order to best work with the ingredients available to them. This methodological rigor continues to strongly influence them both, even as they have gained an appreciation for fresh produce, seafood, and other seasonal products.

The team moved west to Saint Paul, Minnesota in 2018 to join the Twin Cities' bustling food scene. The Richard Eaglespoon revival took hold in the Macalester-Groveland neighborhood, which has since been dubbed “Macaroni-Groveland,” due in part to the rich addition of classic Italian cuisine by Richard Eaglespoon.

In addition to his role at Richard Eaglespoon, Rosenthal works as a professional mathematician in industry, and he is currently writing Pastafesto, a treatise on cooking with pasta, in addition to his debut cookbook, How to Cook All of the Bad Pizza and Some Good Pizza, Too, an exploration of the pitfalls associated with pizzamaking and a guide to mastering key regional New York pizza styles.

Marsh now also teaches computer science as a professor at Macalester College while developing her first book. Described as “travel literature meets memoir,” I Scream At Your Ice Cream: A Tour of America's Ice Cream, presents Marsh's life, puncuated by ice cream and a deconstruction thereof.